Custom Hats Tutorial

Custom Hats have never been easier to make. This is it! Our product design tool is here. Now you can make perfect customized items in a few simple steps.

This tutorial is going to explain how to personalize your accessories and clothes, and how to turn them in something truly unique.

If this is the first time you are at make sure you check some of our previous blog posts. We have already made an excellent selection when it comes to Funny T Shirts for Women, Dad Shirts and Music T Shirts. Check them out, because there are a bunch of cool designs, and great ideas in there.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit in you, we also wrote about Influencer Marketing on Customon and How to Start a T-Shirt Business with Customon. You will get golden nuggets between these lines, and who knows, maybe start your own business or brand.

After this tutorial, you can pick Hoodies, T-shirts, Tank Tops, Baby Bibs, Phone Cases, Sweatshirt, Underwear, Aprons, Trucker, Baseball, Snapback, Bucket hats and more…

Don’t think of this tool as of something that was made only for designers. If you have a company, you can create a perfect gift for your employees and business associates. Imagine the logo of your company on custom logo hats or a t-shirt! Is there a better billboard than a human? We also offer 70% OFF with a bulk order. Think about it!

Open the link that will take you to Design Tool, dive into these steps, and create the most unique & cheap custom hats:

1. Choose a Product, Size and Color for Custom Hats

When you land on Product Design Tool, the first thing you need to do is to pick a product.


For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to use Custom Baseball Hat tool, and turn it into one of custom baseball hats. You can follow the same steps using tool for Custom Snapback Hat, or Custom New Era Snapback. When you land on the page, just click the orange “Customize it” button, and you are good to go.

When you click on Products Button, another window will pop-up, where you can choose a product you would like to customize. Below every product is the initial price that may vary depending on the product size and quantity. We also added 5 different categories to make your search easier: Men’s, Women’s, Kids’, Hats, and Accessories.

When you pick a product, in this case, a baseball hat, you will get back on the initial page, and start getting creative. You will get info on what sizes are available, and you can always click on size chart area. In this case, you will get profile, crown, visor, and panels explanation along with size guide in inches.

If you click on blue Product Info button, there will be a detailed explanation about the product.  What material is used, what is the ratio and every other specification you need to know. You can also look at the pictures of front and back, or the product on a model.

The first thing you need to do is to pick a color. We went with a vibrant orange hat full of raw energy, but there are 11 colors to pick for custom embroidered baseball hats. Number of colors may vary depending on the product you pick.

Congratulations, you’ve just finished step one. From this point on, you can either choose a design, add text to your hat, or upload your image.

2a. Pick a Design for Custom Hats

When you click on the Design button, another window will pop-up, where you can browse and search for a design that we have in our library. If you have been browsing our website, you have probably already found a finished product; custom bucket hats, custom party hats or custom dad hats. But this might be a great opportunity to play with the designs further. We also included a search field, and just below it, you can go more niche specific. Select Bestsellers, Animals & Nature, Adult Humor, Cartoon, Cool, Countries & Region, Couple, Education, Funny, Geek, Holiday, Hipster, I Love, Music or Keep Calm category, and many, many more.

When you click on the design, you will see basic information about it. Who is the artist and how much he or she values their work. Click the green Add Design button, and you will get back to the previous screen.

This is where it gets interesting. When you see the design you like, you can always position and tilt it the way you like. Adjust the size, and maybe even put two designs on a hat if you like. As soon as you do that, you will get back the option of choosing the color for your hat. It’s the perfect opportunity to rethink the initial color or stick with it. Whatever will pop up more.

Note: When you search through our library for hat designs, tool engine will automatically show only designs that can be embroidered. If you choose a different product, the library will all of a sudden, become bigger. For other products, you will get more choices.

2b. Add Text to Custom Hats

This is the next step in your custom hats online creative process. If you chose the design we have in our library, you can also add text to it. Just make sure you leave enough space for both. There is also an option to put the custom hat design or text on the side or the back of the hat. We told you the possibilities are wide, and we weren’t kidding.

On the right side of the screen, you will notice Edit Item tab, where you can write the best line that describes you. If you click on Choose Font button, a new library will open with all the cool fonts. Each category of fonts has also a subcategory. Choose Cartoon, College, Decorative, Fancy, Funny, Geek, Grunge font, or Handwriting. And we haven’t even listed a third of what we have in our library.

We have chosen the first, Brushes option no.5. After we increased the text size to 52, we click the text Color button, where you can choose among 27 different colors.

When you are finished with choosing font color and witting the text, you can adjust the text size afterward. Like we described in the previous section, you can also tilt the text or rotate it and align it according to your creative vibe. Once you go through this tutorial, you will want to have everything custom made, because it is so easy. If you have the right idea it might become a great source of income, too. Maybe your design, or perfect line is the next trendy thing. We give you the tool, and everything else is up to you.

2c. Upload an Image to Custom Hats

This is the section for all of you who are doodling, scribbling, drawing and wonder. Yes, you can upload something of your own. At the end of the process, it’s going to be a completely unique item only you possess. This might also be a perfect tool for making presents for your loved ones, and you get to do all of that from the comfort of your chair.

Click on the Upload button on the bottom left side of the screen.

A pop-up window will appear, and you can drop a file to upload your image. Important: We painted it red, and the font is not that small, but people tend to skip this part of the text. When you choose the hat, baseball, twill, trucker, snapback – We DO EMBROIDERY for these products. Always have that in mind. If you have picked another product, for example, a t-shirt, the story is completely different, and we could do with it almost anything. But hats are hats. For the best results, use the .PNG format, but we also support others (.JPG.JPEG.PNG.GIF.BMP.PDF.AI .PSD.EPS).

When you are done with the upload you can, as we mentioned before, play with the rotation and alignment, and make sure everything is spotless.

Your design is all done and now you can proceed to the checkout. If you are not quite satisfied with how it looks, try changing the background color, text color, or font. By now, you’ve realized that these steps are easy to cross. You can go back and forward as much as you like.

3. Custom Hats Checkout

Before you go to the checkout, you can share and save your design by clicking on a Save&Share button in the top right corner of your screen. Maybe you would like to know what your friends think about custom team hats you made. You can also send it to an email address, share it on FB, Twitter or Google+.

Now that your art piece is done, you can click on green Get Price button in the right corner of your screen that will lead you to the checkout. After you clicked it, you can enter the number of how many items you would like, and then click blue continue button. The more you order, the better deal you will get from us. We can give you up to 70% OFF with bulk custom hats order. If you have been planning to get those custom company hats for your work, this is the perfect opportunity. You will get the total amount, estimated express delivery information, and shipping options listed below. The more you buy, the more you will save.

After you click on Add To Cart button, we will take you the next page where you can leave your information and method of payment. You can change your order here or adjust the quantity of products.

When you enter your name and address, you will be asked to choose a shipping method: Standard (1-5 days), Premium (1-3 days) or Express (1-2 days). You can also choose a Gift Box option and enter a personal message if you are preparing a gift for someone.

You can use PayPal or a credit card to Place Order, and that’s all folks. It will be on your doorstep in a few days.

Custom Hats Examples Already in our Store

We have also decided to show you a couple of our bestselling custom printed hats in order to encourage you to create your own. This guide should get you through the process, and when you feel comfortable roll up your sleeves and use the same tool for Custom Snapback Hat and Custom New Era Snapback.

Try to top these custom embroidered hats or you can also order custom hats:

Custom Trucker Hats

Custom Trucker Hats: Valar Alcoholis

Funny twist of words on custom trucker hats can make them look trendier.

Custom Baseball Team Hats

Custom Baseball Team Hats: Come to the Geek Side

If you are in a gang of some sort, then custom baseball team hats are a must!

Custom Snapback Hats

Custom Snapback Hats: I Just Can’t

Make custom snapback hats for all those people who like to work out. They will hate you for it.

Start selling designs! When you get to Sell Your Art page you will have two options – Sell on Customon Marketplace or Open Your Own Online Shop. With the first option, you will be able to reach thousands of daily visitors, set your own design price, and earn from each sale. You will also be able to get your designs listed on affiliate sites, EBay and Amazon, and we will take care of product and handling. All you need to do is choose your product line and colors for designs and just collect money.

If you open your own online shop, you will be able to design it with our easy Shop Editor and earn more than initial 65%. We will take care of production, handling, and customer service for you.

There is even a 40 seconds video that explains it all. Sell your designs on 40+ different products and make money today!

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