Are you looking for funny gift ideas for fathers day? We now covered you with a variety of thoughtful gift ideas for dads, ranging from digital devices to bathrobes and apparel.

 For new dads

There are all kinds funny gift ideas for new dads, whether they’re into sports, gadgets or simply needing a good laugh. Here are 8 great gift ideas to help him start his fatherhood journey off on the right foot.

  1. A personalized mug or coffee mug with dad’s name on it is always a hit!
  2. A nice watch or pocket watch can be a great gift for any man, but especially a new dad who is into style and precision.
  3. A thoughtful piece of jewelry like a cufflink set can show Dad that you really did take the time to think about him and his needs.
  4. If Dad loves cars and trucks, consider buying him a car accessory like an oil filter wrench or car wash brush kit. He’ll appreciate the convenience and usefulness of these items!



For the dad who wants to learn something new

Learning can be fun and exciting for anyone, but it can also be a way to expand one’s knowledge and explore new interests. For the dad who wants to learn something new, there are plenty of opportunities available to him. Some examples include attending classes or workshops on topics such as cooking, gardening, carpentry, or even photography. There are also online courses that provide a flexible learning environment. Whatever the dad chooses to do, he will enjoy expanding his horizons and growing in knowledge. Here is some advice;

  1. MasterClass subscription
  2. Udemy courses
  3. A metal stamp set
  4. DIY Cocktail Kit
  5. Massive ship model
  6. Whiskey making kit




For the dad who lives in sweatshirts

Fathers Day is coming up and what better gift than a new sweatshirt? But which one? There are so many to choose from. If your dad loves his sports, then you could get him a shirt from his favorite team or league. If he’s into fitness, then you could get him a shirt with the latest exercise routine printed on it. If he’s just a normal guy who likes to relax in his sweats at home, then give him something simple like a T-shirt or hoodie. The possibilities are endless!

We’ll wait while you come up with a sweater that’s more recognizable than the crewneck sweatshirt sold at Customon. Apart from the fact that it looks excellent, the knit fleece is popular for a variety of reasons: it’s warm yet breathable, high-quality (so Dad can wear it for years), and manufactured from recycled materials.

For the dad who wants to tune out

There are times when dads want nothing to do with their kids. They may want some peace and quiet after a long day of work. Or they may be tired after spending the afternoon with their kids at a sports event. Whatever the reason, fathers can sometimes feel like they need to tune out and relax. If this is you, here are some gifts that will help you get away from the family for a little while.

  1. A book on guitar tuning or instructions for making his own guitars.
  2. A subscription to a magazine that is about things other than parenting or family life, like woodworking or gardening.
  3. Tickets to an outdoor concert or play in a park near your home.
  4. A pottery class or a trip to a local pottery store.

For the Dad Who Spends Hours at a Desk

Every dad has his own way of spending hours at the desk. Some dads prefer staying in the office all day, while others might take a break for lunch and then come back to work later that afternoon. No matter what your dad’s routine is, here are some gifts that will show your appreciation for all the time he spends at the office.

  1. A nice pen and notebook set – Whether he likes to keep track of work projects or just jot down ideas for fun, a nice pen and notebook set will make him happy.
  2. A new golf club – If Dad loves golfing, why not buy him a new club? He’ll be able to hit some balls in peace and quiet!
  3. A toolset – A toolset is perfect for the DIY guy or gal in your dad’s life.

For the dad who lives in hoodies

Everyone knows the classic dad gift – a nice suit or tie. But what if your dad prefers to stay in his hoodie while you do the shopping? Here are some thoughtful and unique gifts for the dads who live in their hoodies.

  1. A cool hoodie of his own to keep him warm on chilly days.
  2. A book about his favorite sport or hobby, so he can learn more about it and share insights with you.
  3. He can enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant in style with a custom-made hoodie jacket!
  4. A personalized mug with his favorite quote or joke – perfect for sipping hot coffee or tea on cold days.

For the Dad Who Loses Everything

If your dad is like most, he’s got a drawer full of tools and screws and nails that he never knows when he’ll need. But every once in a while, something goes missing. Now what? Here are some ideas for gifts that will show your dad that you really care—even if his lost toolbox doesn’t show it.

  1. A personalized mug – If your dad loves coffee or tea, get him a personalized mug that he can use at home or while on the go.
  2. A new organizational toolkit – If your dad is always losing his keys, socks, or phone charger, give him a toolkit that will help him keep track of all of his possessions in one place.
  3. Bluetooth tracker to get alerts through the app and find the lost stuff.

For the Dad Who Dabbles in Photography

If your dad loves photography, here are some thoughtful gifts to show your appreciation. Whether he’s just starting out or has a more advanced set of skills, these items will help him take his hobby to the next level.

  1. A digital camera. This is a great gift for any dad who loves photography! It’s not only a great way to capture memories with your family, but it’s also an affordable way to get started in the world of photography.
  2. A DSLR camera. If your dad likes taking pictures and wants to take his photography skills to the next level, a DSLR camera is a perfect investment! They’re more expensive than digital cameras, but they offer better quality pictures and are versatile enough for any type of photoshoot.
  3. An SLR lens.

For the dad who just likes to chill

For the dad who just likes to chill, we’ve got the perfect gift. These are all inexpensive and can be found at most stores.

  1. A good book or movie- a dad loves to relax and lose himself in a good story or movie.
  2. A nice robe or sweater- a dad loves being warm and comfortable.
  3. Some delicious snacks- nothing says “I love you” more than giving your dad some good food to munch on during his downtime.
  4. A hot pot or crockpot- many dads enjoy cooking together, so a hot pot or crockpot is a great gift for him.
  5. Something practical- like an extra set of car keys, an umbrella, or flashlights in case of emergency.

For the dad-on-the-go

Fathers day is coming up and what better way to show your appreciation than by giving the man of the house a gift that he can use on the go? Whether he’s a fisherman, jogger, or just loves spending time outdoors, these gifts are sure to please.

  1. A fishing net will let dad catch his own dinner without ever having to leave his seat.
  2. A hiking GPS system will help dad find his way while out in nature.
  3. A new water bottle holder is perfect for dads who love hitting the gym or taking long runs with their friends.
  4. A Portable Disk Jockey lets dad listen to his favorite music while he works or goes about his day


In conclusion, there are many great, funny gift ideas for dad. Whether he is a jokester or just likes to relax and have a good time, there is sure to be something on this list that will make him laugh. So, take your time and browse through these options, and then choose the perfect one to show your dad how much you care. Here are some funny gift ideas for father in law

  1. A gift certificate for a comedy night at the local theater.
  2. Tickets to see his favorite comedian in concert.
  3. A subscription to a humor magazine like The Onion or The Daily Show.
  4. A book of jokes and humorous essays by his favorite authors.
  5. A personalized mug with a hilarious Father’s Day quote.
  6. A set of discounted tickets to a favorite sports game or show.
  7. A box of personalized cigars for dad to smoke on the deck on Fathers Day weekend.
  8. A golf ball-toting vacuum cleaner.
  9. A personalized, engraved beer stein.
  10. An AirHeads humidifier for the worst allergy season of the year.
  11. A subscription to Adult Swim.
  12. A personalized, customized T-shirt with dad’s favorite saying or cartoon character on it.
  13. Game night supplies – cards, dice, snacks – and a set of rules written by you!