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Create Custom Baby Bib

Design your own awesome baby bib with our easy design tool!

Product Info

A customizable baby bib that will protect your baby's clothing from every kind of dirt and stains!

Our little angels deserve a quality baby bib that will not harm their skin or neck. Made-up of 100% combed ringspun cotton jersey, this baby bib is a definition of softness, smoothness and durability. It has a reinforced velcro closure and features two snaps at back of neck.

Available in contrast color self-binding and it is a one size fit most.

A-High (inch) B-Width (inch)
8'' 9''

What Our Customers Are Saying

i like the product I purchased. Thanks. John John C.

Love the Bill Murray bib and it came faster than expected! Quick shipping and great product! Jeri R.

Dirt-free clothes are now possible with the custom baby bibs!

Because custom baby bibs are here to save the day, stains will not be a problem anymore. Keeping the little angels tidy seems impossible sometimes, but if you purchase our well-made customized baby bibs, cleaning will not be that much. To prevent your cuties to take it off or throw it, you will find a Velcro closure at the end of the baby bibs. A quick hook and loop, babies would not even notice.

Our customized baby bibs are made up of 100% combed ringspun cotton. What do you get from a ringspun cotton baby bibs? Here they are:

  •      Softer than the regular cotton,
  •      Smoother –your baby will be comfortable with it,
  •      Hypoallergenic – You don’t have to worry about your baby getting irritated and cry because of it. Your baby’s skin is protected.
customized baby bibs

Customize and personalize baby bibs, consider as the best seller in the market, have reached unexpected popularity. These customized products are the favorite and the best gifts for all occasions by every gender, age, and nationality. Now, we decided to send you this trend at the comfort of your home.

Just by visiting our website, you can choose the color that you want and the designs. We have plenty of cute and awesome design that you will surely love. There are plenty of color options; for example: we have baby bibs white and blue mixture or white and pink.

customized baby bibs

Our treat for mom and dad is you can now design your own baby bibs. The personalization or customization is quick and easy, so while your little angels are asleep, you can sneak around and create your own baby bibs. You can also design your own baby onesies for your cute little baby too.

How to create a baby bib?

Customon created a website to accommodate your needs, apparently, we understand that babysitting is challenging. To get started here are the steps:

  1. Go to our website and sign up,
  2. Click “Create your own” button,
  3. Explore our design tools and start designing.

Our design tools are very user-friendly; you don’t have to be a tech-savvy to be able to design a baby bib.

We provided you tons of options -from colors to design. The great features of our design tools are the “Add Text” and “Upload”. Why? You are able to personalize and create a baby bib pattern of your own.

At Customon, your creativity matters, so if you are a graphic artist you can use your design. You create; we print it for you and deliver it as soon as possible.

Again, these customized baby bibs are also the best gift to give to your friends and relatives on occasions like a baby shower, birthday and holidays.

Our Pricing

Maximize our design tools, unleash your creativity and it does not cost a thing. Yes, you can design all day, or every time your baby sleeps. Our design tools are free.

We print and deliver your design at a very affordable price. Design a baby bib, cheap in price but not in quality.

You may also want to purchase in bulks, so we will give you, as a valued customer, up to 70% discount. Don’t forget, we also have cute custom baby clothes too.