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Create Custom Knit Cap

Design your own awesome knit cap with our easy design tool!

Product Info

This classic cuffed knit cap which everyone loves in winter and spring, but forgotten on summer, is a great deal. Who knows? You could put on some tweak. Made up of 100% hypoallergenic acrylic and went through an intense process of kniting to produce a super dense knit.

Other Features:

  • One Size Fits All
  • Length : 12"
  • Hand-washable

What Our Customers Are Saying

Soft fabric. Good quality hat. Definitely a good purchase. Zyeighr D.

I ordered a hat that my grandson had been wanting forever. The only place I was able to find it was Customon. The hat was perfect and my grandson was so happy! The customer service, fast shipping, and selection of items are awesome as well! Thank you Customon! Marsha

These are Great, 3 styles ( w/ w/o flap or ball on top). Any color beanie, any color logo. Black on black, red on white or any combo. Plus, the fabric is Very soft. I’v been Looking, unsuccesfully for this hat, & you can also get baseball style caps w/ same endless combos of colors. I love Customon. Here here ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? Thomas H.

custom knit hat

Unique and Comfy Cuff Knit Hats

Protection from the cold weather plus a comfortable add-on in our outfit –this custom knit cap provides complete satisfaction. It will satisfy your need in winter and spring not only for its purpose but also to elevate your fashion statement.

Secure your hair and head from the cold, from the snowflakes or even from the rain. Wearing a cuff knit hat will prevent you from catching colds, flu, and cough. Custom knit hat should be considered as a necessity for bad weathers. We agree; that is why we made high-quality custom knit hats using 100% hypoallergenic acrylic that will prevent your scalp in getting irritations.

It will also prevent dust and foreign micro-objects from sticking to your hair or head. Cuff knit hats may sometimes be underestimated for its value, but come to think of it –it is extremely useful.

The popular customized knit hats are the latest best-seller in events, sports, companies, and occasions. It is the favorite gift to give on birthdays and holidays. Custom knit hat, the favorite giveaway, is popular on companies’ promos, fundraising or outreach programs. It is also the favorite token in reunions and team building.

Here at Customon, we take pride in our products and services. We make sure that we always meet our customers’ expectations and we are committed to exceeding them. Customon established a system that gives our customers’ freedom of choice.

You can choose the best-knit hats designs which have an authentic design and exclusive with us. We got varieties of designs and we categorized them for you. Check our latest funny, cool, adult humor, and music design. Choose the color that would match your clothing.

Now, since you have given us a chance and give us a minute of your time; we have a treat for you. You can design your own knit hat with our design tools.

If it is your first time to design a knit hat, our design tools will help you do it. It is simple and easy. You do not need tech support and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy. You may also want to check out our exclusive designs on custom knit pom caps, knit beanies or even cool baseball caps.

How to create knitted hat designs?

Go to our website, and then sign-up. After signing up, click “Create my own” and select your products. Get familiar with every tool like the: design, products, add text and upload options.

Afterward, you may want to play around with the “Add Text” options. Type your favorite slogan, quotes, sayings, and funny quotes on it. Design knit caps for women, or for men. Design couples knit hats. Put initials on it. Any sweet and funny words can do. Remember it is the best gift. It will make your mom, dad, brother and sister smile and laugh.

custom knit hat

Our Pricing

Purchase the most comfortable with excellent quality custom knit hats at a low price with Customon. Ours are not branded and not as expensive as designer beanie hats, but when it comes to quality and services; we are confident to compete. Our customized knit hats cheap in price but not in quality.

Plus, we offer up to 70% off with bulk orders so better tell the team or your group of friends to design a hat with you.

Here’s another treat, visit our website and get a discount now.